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February 21, 2004

Waking up and alarms!

These days I am waking up early (read 7am), all by myself. I mean no alarm clocks etc. It is so peaceful. But waking up early with a bunch of roomies is a pretty tough situation to be in. Now I realize the pain my roomies took to wake me up when my alarm clock would go. I guess they all think it is payback time! I dont blame them. These electronic alarms are so designed to be noisy that anyone awake in a mile radius would be irritated with the sound. I doubt if these alarms have any effect on people sleeping. But for the man (I guess the woman alike too), the alarm clock is the most painful invention. It either breaks some good soul’s sleep or irritates the person awake! Damn these alarm clocks!

Btw, waking up early on saturdays has its own ills too! You cant call anyone in the US as they will kill you the next time you bump into them. You cant call anyone in India, because it is saturday evening. And work refuses to happen as it is the weekend. So how does one spend time? Just-type!