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February 29, 2004

Leap year!

Feb has 29 days instead of 28!
Of course it is the leap year. The year you have summer olympics!
You get an extra day to party or work – your way of looking at it.

But think about it, if instead of a leap year, if every year Dec 31st had an extra quarter day, wouldnt that be fun? You could party for 6 more hours! Or 6 more hours to sleep since you slogged thru the year! And well you wouldnt have problems with taking the new year head on. You will be guilty that since you partied so hard, you will work thru the new year!

Well on the flip side, you will have to look up the calendar if you want to see there is olypics that year or not. But why bother? That is for the olympics comm to bother and they will surely keep us informed anyway since they want us there, else they cant get their paychecks!

Seriously, what good does a leap year do except get us one extra beautiful day every four years!