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March 8, 2004

Busy day today…,

Today has been a busy day.
Wake up, daily abulutions – bath included…a call to my mom (she is wonderful, made my day!), then the regular work started. Struggle with licenses, with some stupid software. Discover that some software actually exists in the school, of course only thing is no one knows how to use it! Aha, routine problem! And life goes on, planned or unplanned …. struggle with the software. Took a break, cooked food, ate it and am alive to type after eating! Back to the computer, back to struggle with the software. It is amazing that there are nearly a billion transistors on the chip, it is also amazing that there are that many junk softwares in the world trying to run on each of those billion transistors. And this is just one of them:)

March 8, 2004

Tresspassers will be recruited!

Hey this is not a board at the TCS campus. But this is close enough how one of my friends – for his sake CT – got recruited! Guess what was he doing. He had gone to one company with a friend, who went there to meet another friend.
So the game guy he is, our good ole CT was playing a game on his newly acquired mobile phone when a recruiting manager of the company walked by and took an interview and more or less gave him a job! And hey nothing of the story is jazzed up!

March 6, 2004


Yes Sholay!
Long time! Basanthi, tumhara naam kya hai?
Great movie. Was supposed to be a mega hit. Cant sit thru halfway in most of the movies of that era. This was different. Sat thru the whole of it, knowing all the dialogues and still enjoying it!Bahut na insaafi hai re!

March 4, 2004

Sadarji virus!

Dear Receiver,
You have just received a Sardarji virus.
Since we are not so technologically advanced , this is
a MANUAL virus.
Please delete all the files on your hard disk yourself
and send this mail to everyone you know.
Thank you very much for helping me.

Sardarji Hacker

March 2, 2004

Something one can build at home!

This, I think can be built at home. Or at least we have been trying to build one at home. Simple – but require a few $$ to beef up the video card and a TV card for the existing home computer. Dont worry, it is far cheaper than $800 – after all you are not buying an entirely new PC! Would love to see Intel’s flat screen TVs!