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April 27, 2004

Neenu unnanu!

Dont be scared with the number of ‘n’s in the title. Nagarjuna starrer, one of the most horrible movies in recent times I sat thru. Seriously, I have no clue what I was doing …. I watched in theater …. paid some good $ to watch some stupid silly movie. If – I were to go by the title – translated into hindi – Main hoo na, I wouldnt watch that movie this weekend. SRK – knows nothing about acting …. assuming it will be as painful as the gult one!

All the best to all others who decide otherwise!

April 26, 2004

Here comes GMAIL!

Well GMAIL is coming. It promises to put relevant ads! For one thing I can challenge google is I am going to outsmart it. I have plans, big plans for the latest from google. Sniff thru my emails, read them as well, gmail you will fail to suggest any “relevant” ads:)

Now, we have seen the google bombs, we will see how gmail fails! Privacy, no privacy doesnt matter. What I demand is a smart system. And of course if it proves to be worth it, I will use only Gmail than any others in the business. But please dont expect revenue from me:) I am out there to fail you!

Actually thinking about it, it is an interesting challenge! Well Mr. Googlebot, if you are reading this, dont register my email for spam please …. sekhar AT glue DOT umd DOT EDU

Of course, one thing I do expect from google is a great spam filter which many others failed to provide. The google tolbar was wonderful for a dumb Internet Explorer. I have moved on to firefox sometime back:)

Mr. Google – The war begins!

April 25, 2004

Love affair with Firefox!

First, I was very skeptical to move from IE 5+ to something else. Netscape 4+ had sucked bigtime and I had moved to IE. Then came firebird. It was cool, easy to install – install? Good tabbed browsing….and far far lighter than netscape and its likes. They renamed it to firefox in the next upgrade and I got hooked onto that.
Some of the extensions are just amazing! I thought google pop-up blocker was cool, but the adblock extension in firefox beats it! No messy flash in-lays anymore … searching for the little ‘x’ in some corner to close it and miss it and you have an unwanted window open up. Strongly recommend using firefox.

The same can be said about Thunderbird – the mail client. Never a big fan, nor wanted ever to use Outlook or Outlook express, it was a big change to go from ‘pine’ to thunderbird. Guess it is as irreversible process as going back to IE now!

April 20, 2004

Smart son, smarter Dad!

Old wine in new bottle:)

Son telegrams father:

“no mon, no fun, your son”

Father replies:

“Very bad, so sad, your dad”