So the Bose is home!

Well – frankly I wouldnt have bought a BOSE. But on a student budget, man this is a big thing. The engineers at Bose are good – smart. They dont let you disconnect the subwoofer to check if their speakers are really as good as they claim. My system is powered thru the subwoofer, no way can I switch it off.

So the system plays amazing sound. But I still have my doubts – do these small speakers deliver that good a music or it is just the subwoofer (which one has to agree is bulky to say the least), creating all the subtlities so well that you dont mind the stuff out of the original speakers?
You never know!

But who cares – let me enjoy some good music.

2 Comments to “So the Bose is home!”

  1. I know better!

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