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July 29, 2004

My cousin Vinny

Movie week or what!
Well the DNC is on. You dont want to get into the city. So you party – where you can! Right at home ….

My cousin Vinny – cool comedy. Good fun. Can watch it more than one time, easily!

July 28, 2004

The Bourne Supremacy

Another evening, another movie!
Well seriously, make a movie about amnesia …. you can expect the audience to believe that the first movie has nothing to do with the second one:)

And you can come up with innumerable movies in the chain. No need for trilogies or whatever!

Actually for a change from boring Hollywood sequels (eg Sipderman 2), this one was good. Probably as good as the first one if not better. Car chases and car chases and more car chases! I guess that is what is Jason Bourne:) Must watch, at least once:)!

July 28, 2004

Whazzup with I?

Seriously – what is all this ‘I’ about?
iPod, iRiver, iRock, …. ?

Why ‘I’?
Why not – say ‘D’? What crime did ‘D’ do that instead of ‘D’ companies started running behind ‘I’?

Think about it, dPod, dRiver, dRock….!

July 27, 2004

I, Robot

Regular fantasy movie.
Chicago 2035. I bet, except for the NS 5’s and NS 4’s there wouldnt be any significant change in Chicago! And still we will be using gas powered cars and stuff.

Actually always wonder how much can AI get out of hand. By which I mean, how easy is it to create some intelligence which will out-intelligence humans. Is the Deep Blue of IBM an intelligent machine – or just a fast number cruncher?

Nonetheless the movie was a good fantasy. I surely hate talking and hearing systems. They dont understand me (well my voice) and they still are dumb enough to talk to me:)

Movie is fun to watch! At least once:)

July 20, 2004

Resistance is futile…

you will be assimilated!

Yeah by the marketing guys!
Many of my friends are engineers. Many of them electrical or computer engineers. But the marketing guys make the life miserable for these people too. Which electronics to buy? Damn….stuff I design, I cant understand! If it is tough for electrical engineers and computer engineers to buy ….. god damn it, how will a common man decide what to buy?

Today I am lucky. I am at the right age …. and in the right industry (well I have still stuck to this EE thingi!) and can understand some basics. I can make a wise decision.

But what about tomorrow? With so much talk about everything moving into biology… will I make a decision? Every decision, as these marketing guys would say ….. will either take my life or save my life! I dont want marketing guys to sell me ‘life saving’ or ‘life taking’ stuff! Am I being somebody when I am saying this? I guess YES, just a common man:)

July 18, 2004

Amazing weekend….

Had an amazing weekend. Started on friday by attending a talk on why Telengana should be a different state. Well I dont have much opinion about this – so it was a good learning session.

Saturday met an old friend (dont know how I got to know this guy!), Mr. Archit Gadcherla and then his cousin Aparna. Now – on how to spend a weekend lesson: Get some good food, and park yourself in a coffee shop is a good way of spending your time! Add an art festival or something around, it adds to the fun:)

Saturday evening, met up with Mr. Anshuman Bapna (after 3 and a half years!), old times, new times (he is married and hair is falling!) – chatted more or less all nite.

Sunday – went to well yeah the AID meeting here in Boston – then joined for tennis (I guess it is just hitting some balls around with a racket!). Too tired to do anything else but to sleep tight and wake up and start the work dance tomorrow morning!

So – have fun people, I had a good break, back to work!

July 15, 2004

Nothing rocks to get back…

on Yahoo messenger and sweet thunderbird or amazing firefox!
Those who tell me there is a bug on these ….. hey it is a windows fault which these guys are covering up:) The bug doesnt affect Linux installations!!

Anyway, so got the home networking going ….. what an effort especially if you dont know how to do it;)

L. A. Woman!
Morrison rocks ….. in case you happen tobe in Boston – do at least preset a channel to 100.7 FM…..good channel though owned by Clear channel. Good music – all day all night long.

Just tells you – blogging returns! Full time:)

July 14, 2004

And there were lights!

Sumit Agarwal: Man this guy was a stupid kind of director!
Expect such things from him on a stage show:

Jump in the AIR and pause!!
Arre sky will cast its shadow
This song has no music

of course the last one pissed Mr. Pied Piper a lot! Well I mean sumit was to fault, he said Rehman’s song had no music!

Full marks to him!
And JK Steel Radials!!:))

What is all this about?

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July 13, 2004

Bunch of movies….

Rainman, Frequency, dont care to remember names either. Nothing that stood out. Was moved particularly by Bhopal Express in the last few days.

Boring last weekend in terms of movie releases. No good ones. No more enthu to pay $10 and watch The Terminal. Probably on video/DVD sometime later.

But was interesting to hear a conversation at a Blockbuster store – how brick and mortar store like his cant compete with the likes of Netflix.

For me, movie watching being impulsive, I think I will go to Blockbuster to rent a video…unless of course, video on demand comes into picture.

July 9, 2004

Huge list …. beware!

Any 1GB+ MP3 player ( I have no clue what I will do with so much music which takes a life time to listen!).

Hmmm I seem to have forgotten the rest. Check back later!