Huge list …. beware!

Any 1GB+ MP3 player ( I have no clue what I will do with so much music which takes a life time to listen!).

Hmmm I seem to have forgotten the rest. Check back later!

4 Comments to “Huge list …. beware!”

  1. Hi,
    blogging ne kaafi seniors se milva diya :), howz u? oye google ne sabki aadat bigad di.. mp3 player bhi 1 gb chahiye tumhe..

  2. Bhai sahi bola tumne….google ne bigaad diya. arre 128 MB player costs $128, 1Gb player costs $200.

    Eco 201 kiya hai na?

    ps: where u? what u doing?

  3. Eco 201?

    Hamare time par to HS 101 mein Eco hota tha!!

    You guys had eco in second year!?

  4. Yeah man,
    third sem.
    Supply demand, samuelson jinda baad.
    Laal and encon and eco and what not!
    Total random tha be

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