Amazing weekend….

Had an amazing weekend. Started on friday by attending a talk on why Telengana should be a different state. Well I dont have much opinion about this – so it was a good learning session.

Saturday met an old friend (dont know how I got to know this guy!), Mr. Archit Gadcherla and then his cousin Aparna. Now – on how to spend a weekend lesson: Get some good food, and park yourself in a coffee shop is a good way of spending your time! Add an art festival or something around, it adds to the fun:)

Saturday evening, met up with Mr. Anshuman Bapna (after 3 and a half years!), old times, new times (he is married and hair is falling!) – chatted more or less all nite.

Sunday – went to well yeah the AID meeting here in Boston – then joined for tennis (I guess it is just hitting some balls around with a racket!). Too tired to do anything else but to sleep tight and wake up and start the work dance tomorrow morning!

So – have fun people, I had a good break, back to work!

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