Resistance is futile…

you will be assimilated!

Yeah by the marketing guys!
Many of my friends are engineers. Many of them electrical or computer engineers. But the marketing guys make the life miserable for these people too. Which electronics to buy? Damn….stuff I design, I cant understand! If it is tough for electrical engineers and computer engineers to buy ….. god damn it, how will a common man decide what to buy?

Today I am lucky. I am at the right age …. and in the right industry (well I have still stuck to this EE thingi!) and can understand some basics. I can make a wise decision.

But what about tomorrow? With so much talk about everything moving into biology… will I make a decision? Every decision, as these marketing guys would say ….. will either take my life or save my life! I dont want marketing guys to sell me ‘life saving’ or ‘life taking’ stuff! Am I being somebody when I am saying this? I guess YES, just a common man:)

One Comment to “Resistance is futile…”

  1. dont worry about the marketing guys.. do an MBA and find out for yourself!

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