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August 31, 2004


First look: The new iMac G5!

Just a flat panel computer – no tower, no cube, nothing more!!!
specs here

Anyone willing to gift me …. write to me at ipodster at gmail dot com!

Please, please …. my bday is also coming !

August 30, 2004

A begining!

To think to do something good is half the good work done. To start to walk the path is another half done. That way it looks like the work will never ever be done, but well it has begun. It is painful, well the body is used to it – the bad stuff, so wants it more.

Surprisingly, does the body just always want the bad things? Does it ever want good things? Good habits, healthy thoughts, etc? Why do we get latched on to bad thoughts/habits so easily than good things?

Or is it that I have to get into the habit of latching onto good habits?

It is useless to ponder all this. Do what you think is good. And what do I think is good? That is something I will ponder later:)

August 27, 2004

The brain

“The brain is a wonderful organ, it starts working once you are up and doesnt stop working till you reach office”Robert Frost

How true?
A sleepy friday afternoon.

August 26, 2004

Feels good!

To wake up early.
Eat some breakfast.
Reach place of work, early.
Work and finish and walk out early evening.
Have dinner early in the night.
And sleep early.

Keeps doctors, orthodontists and headaches away:)

ps: Prags, thanx for he advice, generally added them – but this works for me.
Also I will consider your suggestion:)

August 24, 2004


Hmmm I get irregular headaches. It is actually better from regular headaches which I used to have more or less daily. There was no fun in them.

Now I have fun. Because every night it is a great guessing game before I sleep. Will I have a headache or not tomorrow! If I dont, I am lucky, lots of work will get done. If I do, what do I do? I still have to finish work.

Dont talk about medication and headaches. I have seen many doctors, I had followed many of their directions with sincerity. Thanx to them, I landed with this wonderful game.

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August 19, 2004


Well I guess that is how google is going to be talked about in the next few days.
Right now sitting at a pretty $100 per share! Bets taken – which way will it go?

On a day, in a week, in a month when all the techs were whacked, the share price of this stock which was launched today shoots up by about $15. I guess many people are going to burn their hands at a later stage and blame the wall street for not warning them! Seriously how high will it go? Or does the brand value reflect more on the silly small investors mind than the economics or whatever? Think Enron, think google! Never trust wall street:) They are out there to earn a living with your MONEY!

August 18, 2004


Help me please!
I want to make this a three column blog. I hate two columns:)
Reminds me of journal papers etc…..ironically they also call blogs web-journals. I have seen a couple of links….if someone has handled it earlier…..why take the pain:)

August 18, 2004


after the last blog a few days back, I was shocked to find the number of creative people in the world and how it encouraged them to post some of their poems in the comments section. I had decided to go back and do some more lit review….but well couldnt last another poem. So, instead I thought I will write a story myself….hang in there….will see that sometime:)

August 18, 2004

Few good men

Good movie! Absolute timepass, amazing cast.
Worth watching!

August 16, 2004

School of Rock

Absolute laugh riot. Plenty of timepass.
The kids rocked! Sit back and enjoy!