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August 6, 2004


After two weekends of major driving – one to New Jersey and another to College Park – it has been tiring. I have been resting the whole time I got.

Met a LOOOOOOOOT of people, had a lot of good time and little sleep and even think about it – food:)

So this week I decided to relax. And that is precisely what I have been doing. Also conciously trying to stay away from computer and phone. So what I do?
Relax, listen to music, cook, eat, sleep – repeat!

First weekend, to cross 60 miles to cross from Conneticut to New Jersey took me as many as 4 hours, next weekend I covered the entire 180 miles (Boston to NYC) in 3 hours flat. Covered nearly 7000 miles in the past two months – lost about 8 pounds of weight – no kidding! If this is a way to loose weight, trust me it is far more tiring then just walking/running/swimming etc.

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