After two weekends of major driving – one to New Jersey and another to College Park – it has been tiring. I have been resting the whole time I got.

Met a LOOOOOOOOT of people, had a lot of good time and little sleep and even think about it – food:)

So this week I decided to relax. And that is precisely what I have been doing. Also conciously trying to stay away from computer and phone. So what I do?
Relax, listen to music, cook, eat, sleep – repeat!

First weekend, to cross 60 miles to cross from Conneticut to New Jersey took me as many as 4 hours, next weekend I covered the entire 180 miles (Boston to NYC) in 3 hours flat. Covered nearly 7000 miles in the past two months – lost about 8 pounds of weight – no kidding! If this is a way to loose weight, trust me it is far more tiring then just walking/running/swimming etc.

Driving is good – if you have a good car, if you have money and a lot of spare time and a lot of energy. But the kind of driving I did, I didnt have any. I guess that is the reason for weight loss:)

Car pooling is an option.

Thinking about it, life was probably better without a car! Here I am forced to have a car. Anyway, time to sleep …..

Meanwhile, learning caricatures…..here is a vote? Who should be the first caricature be? How about President Bush?
Invariably you get a smile on your face as you go thru the list. Just google for “Bushisms” and you will get a bunch of links. Go thru and have a hearty laugh!

7 Comments to “Tired”

  1. 8 pounds! Another pound and you can purchase my old 9 pound pen (remember?).
    Any idea why Piper places such senti messages?

  2. Wow man! Amazing weight loss programme!

    Tell you what.. write a book on it quick.. it will sell like hotcakes (how ironic) in these times of anorexia loving girls..!!!

    Make a lot of money. Give me my customary 5%.

    *lowers voice* I know we didnt have any such custom, but lets make one up.

  3. Forgot the vote for First Caricature..

    When Richard Feynman was learning to sketch and paint.. he started with nude models.

    Just an idea 😉

  4. Vivek – good idea. I write, you publish, you market, you keep 5%, I keep rest 95%:-)
    There will be a beeline of authors, what a business!

    Ralli – it is piper …. neither you nor I can predict….you know….dont worry it is neither about you nor me …. I *hope* it is about some female:)

  5. He he.. what I had in mind was a lil different! You write, you find a publisher, the publisher markets.

    Then, I get my 5% for giving you the idea to write a book and inspiring you (you can put that in the ‘Acknowledgements’ section).


  6. Yeah dudes,
    its abotu the *same* female 🙂

    btw.. how are you ralli?!!

  7. piper raju fools
    is this the only way we can communicate effectively?
    Send mail

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