Yeah, probably!
Hey I am writing what is happening with my life….agreed not everything that I can share with a few of you:) There is still a lot of personal catching up.
Isnt that crazy? There is no one other than my friends who read my blogs….and still I am scared of opening my life in the public!

Why am I scared, when there are lots of things….I am willing to share in person? Or even on a phone call or even on email! Thanx to google and gmail, even my email is not private anymore?!

Remember the time, nearly ten years back today we got the first email accounts in IIT…….1MB space limit. We did the best to keep ourselves in limits. We did exchange ‘letters’ over the summer with a few good friends! Slowly our email account size increased… the time we left it was 25 MB. Well of course we used all of our account for just emails. We were forced to create and that was bought over by Yahoo! But then, if there was something very important, we would either meet in person or pick up the phone. I did exchange a few letters even then! Those probably are the ones which I will save for ever… those meant more then anything! And discussing important things in letters, I realized the ‘use‘ of emails.

Today we have email accounts of 1GB…..the corporation itself archives it….and we use various mechanisms to communicate with the world in general…..guess no one is going to write me letters anymore….but special emails …. personal ….. are the ones which I will cherish the most!

The joy of having penpals …. just a couple of years is lost. You write an email and you get a reply in a couple of minutes to hours depending on the friend’s location! The sheer fun and joy of something real ….. a letter or a photograph or even just the stamp …. is all lost with these ‘virtual‘ things! Frankly, I am looking for pen pals! Are such people all lost?

When was the last you wrote a full page with a pen or pencil? Probably not in 2004!

Penpals…..even the concept ….. is history….I guess.

2 Comments to “Penpals….nostalgia?”

  1. No.. no! The concept of penpals is not history.

    In fact, even though I have not made a blog posting about the issue.. I have decided to take myself off e-mail for a lot of people.. I will write letters.

    I still have letters saved from my childhood time.

    And the excitement of seeing the envelope and wondering whats inside.. man! email will never be able to match that.

  2. noooooooooo….paper and pen letters are not history!!
    …emails get archived…these long letters( even one page,eh!) are real fun to keep….feel so niiiiiiiiiiice….

    well….still still use lots of stamps, envelopes…paper and pen!…..sheer thrill of it!!

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