Hmmm I get irregular headaches. It is actually better from regular headaches which I used to have more or less daily. There was no fun in them.

Now I have fun. Because every night it is a great guessing game before I sleep. Will I have a headache or not tomorrow! If I dont, I am lucky, lots of work will get done. If I do, what do I do? I still have to finish work.

Dont talk about medication and headaches. I have seen many doctors, I had followed many of their directions with sincerity. Thanx to them, I landed with this wonderful game.

First it was a regular day. Tuesdays it used to be – I remember. Every tuesday, as the sun rises in the east, I used to wake up to a headache. Lucky me it never chose a weekend:)

Now it is a little irregular. Today, I dont have one yet , but I guess breakfast is the key! Let me go and grad one:)

Trust me it is fun to have a headache. At least you know you have a head and it has something inside:)

2 Comments to “Headaches”

  1. Hi Raju,
    You might want to see an ORTHODONTIST …. your headaches might be stress induced … due to which you might be clenching/grinding you teeth in your sleep … its a very definite possibility .. and most regular physisians don’t consider it …

    try going to a dentist and ask him if he sees signs of clenching/grinding on your teeth ….

  2. u r assuming that there is something inside ur head just because of the pain; it could be a wind tunnel with resonating sound paths that are creating the pain 🙂

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