Feels good!

To wake up early.
Eat some breakfast.
Reach place of work, early.
Work and finish and walk out early evening.
Have dinner early in the night.
And sleep early.

Keeps doctors, orthodontists and headaches away:)

ps: Prags, thanx for he advice, generally added them – but this works for me.
Also I will consider your suggestion:)

4 Comments to “Feels good!”

  1. important to note that work takes up a third of your day but only coprises 1/6 of the total stuff you actually do!

  2. And what is the empirical evidence for that, piper?
    Raju, Prags’ advice really sounds plausible..
    Hey Prags, whats up and hows u 🙂

  3. empirical evidence?!
    lol. that was funny.

    i am fine dude.. who the toot is amit shukla?

  4. more like.. who is john galt?! lol.

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