A begining!

To think to do something good is half the good work done. To start to walk the path is another half done. That way it looks like the work will never ever be done, but well it has begun. It is painful, well the body is used to it – the bad stuff, so wants it more.

Surprisingly, does the body just always want the bad things? Does it ever want good things? Good habits, healthy thoughts, etc? Why do we get latched on to bad thoughts/habits so easily than good things?

Or is it that I have to get into the habit of latching onto good habits?

It is useless to ponder all this. Do what you think is good. And what do I think is good? That is something I will ponder later:)

One Comment to “A begining!”

  1. No, the body doesn’t always want bad things. It usually wants good things like icecream, chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, icecream with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce, etc.

    In fact I don’t think the body ever wants bad things. For instance, you will keep eating icecream till you feel like. thats good. Then the body will want to throw up and you will. Thats good again.

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