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August 16, 2004

Kyon? Ho gaya na!

Plain avoidable.
Could have wrapped the movie in less than 20 minutes. First song is good (picturization). Rest was all a PAIN to sit thru. Vivek Oberoi fans – enjoy.

Come on, you can take a close up of Ashiwarya Rai – but of Vivek Oberoi? Who the hell was the director or the cinematographer. Shoot them!

August 12, 2004

On being concise

A poem by a great friend. Reproduced without permission!

On being concise

be concise;
it will sound
half as wise
and twice as profound.

(or vice-versa)
29 November 2001

For more of his works: Visit SParun’s writing page

August 12, 2004

There is so much time, but I still crave for ‘my’ time!

I want personal time. I want time to talk to myself. I want to do this. I want to do that. I want to go swimming. I want to go fishing.

Now I want personal time to think about it, you stupid!

It is crazy, isn’t it.
So what do I do when I am alone?

I tell you, this technology things are addictive. Cant stay a minute without checking emails. Actually car + phone + internet is a deadly combination. I can manage to stay without all of them, then I get bored! Now is that spending time with oneself is?

No. It is not. I relax. Sleep is my fav pastime. So yes I do that a lot (now please dont question my weight gain, sleep and food being favs, you know the reason!).

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August 9, 2004


Yeah, probably!
Hey I am writing what is happening with my life….agreed not everything that I can share with a few of you:) There is still a lot of personal catching up.
Isnt that crazy? There is no one other than my friends who read my blogs….and still I am scared of opening my life in the public!

Why am I scared, when there are lots of things….I am willing to share in person? Or even on a phone call or even on email! Thanx to google and gmail, even my email is not private anymore?!

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August 6, 2004


After two weekends of major driving – one to New Jersey and another to College Park – it has been tiring. I have been resting the whole time I got.

Met a LOOOOOOOOT of people, had a lot of good time and little sleep and even think about it – food:)

So this week I decided to relax. And that is precisely what I have been doing. Also conciously trying to stay away from computer and phone. So what I do?
Relax, listen to music, cook, eat, sleep – repeat!

First weekend, to cross 60 miles to cross from Conneticut to New Jersey took me as many as 4 hours, next weekend I covered the entire 180 miles (Boston to NYC) in 3 hours flat. Covered nearly 7000 miles in the past two months – lost about 8 pounds of weight – no kidding! If this is a way to loose weight, trust me it is far more tiring then just walking/running/swimming etc.

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