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September 29, 2004

Rain – fun to drive in right?

Well not exactly if you are trying to overtake an 18-wheeler:)
Had a good time driving with less than 10 feet visibility and following two small/tiny invisible red lights to reach your destination. Take eyes off the wheels, off the road – hell you can see better. And that is heaven! Beautiful colours all along the road – all the trees are dying in this pouring rain, but well not dying – going to a long sleep – hibernation. They wont wake up till next spring.

Just beautiful sights!
And driving in such conditions, just all the more fun. Sure to scare the *&@! out of anyone sitting next to me in the car!

I want the rain to go away! I want to go and take some pictures. For once the leaves are gone….it is going to be sad to see just tree trunks till next spring. And spring is a good six months away!

September 22, 2004

Fall/autumn is here!

Officially fall is here. Yeah, US has official season starts and ends.
But the colours have started to appear.

Those who are going to miss these dont complain I did not tell you. I have plans for three weekends in Oct to be spent in New Hampshire. Just give me a call and land up in Boston – and you will be on one or the other tour!

Welcome to the colours:)

September 21, 2004

A steal!

The Harmon Kardon DPR 1001– for $313 – a steal!
Save $1200:)

Fundoo reciever, get good speakers – you have awesome music!

September 20, 2004

Of sin counter resets, Hurricane remnants and Cop chases!

Over the last weekend, I drove to NJ, to a sister’s place. Reached there at 9:30 PM on friday, had a great dinner and slept. Next day – Ganeshji’s bday, my sin counter will be reset after God knows how many years. Seriously last time I went to temple (to see God I mean) or did some puja is like ages ago. Then went to my meet my niece at another sister’s place. Played for a while with her.

Changed oil in the car! Thanks jeeju for training me on that. The car now runs like a beauty:). At 10pm landed up at Vidita’s place. Decided to catch a movie – ‘Cellular’ – was fun and quick. Got out to realize that I had a really bad flat tire.

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September 20, 2004


Absolute timepass movie.
Action flick, short, sweet and crisp. A lot for Indian directors (Kyon? Ho gaya Na) to learn from:)

September 16, 2004

Libran?! No Way!

Well, born on Sep 24th – a libran by birth – no choice! Fine. I am supposed to be balanced and level thinker – prejudice people have when I tell them I was born on so and so day (abbe gift chahiye to! checkout my wishlist). Theek hai. In fact at times people go to extent of rationalizing my decisions to me being a libran.

I loved those connections. So I thought I will make some myself. I have a feeling, I misjudge myself. Do I? Dont I? I am harsh on myself, in fact unnecessarily harsh. So much so that I cant name a single achievement of mine in the past 10 years. What did I do? Nothing.

But that is brutal. You tend to loose confidence in yourself. 10 years of what is termed as youth, where you are supposed to have done a bunch of things for yourself – I am struggling to count (on fingers of one hand!), what my achievements are. Wonderful!

So how is this birthday going to be? Terrible. I never attached anything special to birthdays but I did one thing for myself. I love to take stock of my entire life till then. I guess it is not going to be anything spectacularly different from what it was last year or ten years ago. Did I grow up?

Growing old is normal, growing up is optional!

So did I grow old or grow up too?

September 14, 2004


Struggled for a while to get the template changed…..dont understand a bit of it so ran into big troubles. So copied stuff from the publix blog and put it here for the time being….will worry about the rest later.

September 13, 2004

Food for thought

Following Ralli’s comments on the previous article. I thought I will raise another topic. An attitude, I probably was in and have changed or at least am changing from. This article here discuesses the attitude.

Sure, I believe that many of my friends and family dont participate in – female infanticide or foeticide. But hell many do take dowry. Yes my immediate family doesnt. I guess many of my good friends, their families dont participate in dowry. Am I sure? What is wrong in raking up the issue and waking people up? And why the hell do people take it personally? It hurts if you do a mistake, why should it hurt if you are sure you dont do the mistake?

Why cant we all as a bunch raise a voice and promise not to participate in this dirty dance? Did you know that nearly one Indian women/female dies every three hours in dowry related cases? Cant we all just be better human beings.

September 9, 2004

Religion in census?

I used to feel odd, whenever whoever asked me what my religion was? What my caste was? It is none of their business. A believer or non-believer, a hindu or a muslim or a parsi or a sikh or anything else, how does that matter?

If merit counted, why would my identity matter? In more ways than could I imagine it mattered. I am a south Indian – an identity in itself that I am relegated to eating dosas for breakfast, dinner and lunch! In fact, I do make fun of people from Delhi! Rest of India is fine for me:) And hell this is not my religion or caste identity, this is my geographic identity! In fact not even geographic identity. I am Telugu/Gulti – whatever you call it, doesnt matter to me.

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September 7, 2004


So I drove nearly 10,000 miles in 3 months!
Anyone will tell you that is a lot of driving around. On an average a vehicle is driven for about 15000 miles in a year. At this rate I might end up driving around 40,000 miles in a year!

10,000 miles! Well more than the mileage, seems like I spent nearly 200 hrs in the car! That is a lot of time!!! Well let us assume, I had a passenger in the car for at least half the time (actually that is more like 25% of the time), I spent nearly 100 hrs in a car, in traffic all by myself.

So what can one do in a car for such a long time apart from concentrating on the driving part. Well it is indeed a good time to spend with yourself!

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