Food for thought

Following Ralli’s comments on the previous article. I thought I will raise another topic. An attitude, I probably was in and have changed or at least am changing from. This article here discuesses the attitude.

Sure, I believe that many of my friends and family dont participate in – female infanticide or foeticide. But hell many do take dowry. Yes my immediate family doesnt. I guess many of my good friends, their families dont participate in dowry. Am I sure? What is wrong in raking up the issue and waking people up? And why the hell do people take it personally? It hurts if you do a mistake, why should it hurt if you are sure you dont do the mistake?

Why cant we all as a bunch raise a voice and promise not to participate in this dirty dance? Did you know that nearly one Indian women/female dies every three hours in dowry related cases? Cant we all just be better human beings.

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