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September 16, 2004

Libran?! No Way!

Well, born on Sep 24th – a libran by birth – no choice! Fine. I am supposed to be balanced and level thinker – prejudice people have when I tell them I was born on so and so day (abbe gift chahiye to! checkout my wishlist). Theek hai. In fact at times people go to extent of rationalizing my decisions to me being a libran.

I loved those connections. So I thought I will make some myself. I have a feeling, I misjudge myself. Do I? Dont I? I am harsh on myself, in fact unnecessarily harsh. So much so that I cant name a single achievement of mine in the past 10 years. What did I do? Nothing.

But that is brutal. You tend to loose confidence in yourself. 10 years of what is termed as youth, where you are supposed to have done a bunch of things for yourself – I am struggling to count (on fingers of one hand!), what my achievements are. Wonderful!

So how is this birthday going to be? Terrible. I never attached anything special to birthdays but I did one thing for myself. I love to take stock of my entire life till then. I guess it is not going to be anything spectacularly different from what it was last year or ten years ago. Did I grow up?

Growing old is normal, growing up is optional!

So did I grow old or grow up too?