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September 20, 2004

Of sin counter resets, Hurricane remnants and Cop chases!

Over the last weekend, I drove to NJ, to a sister’s place. Reached there at 9:30 PM on friday, had a great dinner and slept. Next day – Ganeshji’s bday, my sin counter will be reset after God knows how many years. Seriously last time I went to temple (to see God I mean) or did some puja is like ages ago. Then went to my meet my niece at another sister’s place. Played for a while with her.

Changed oil in the car! Thanks jeeju for training me on that. The car now runs like a beauty:). At 10pm landed up at Vidita’s place. Decided to catch a movie – ‘Cellular’ – was fun and quick. Got out to realize that I had a really bad flat tire.

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September 20, 2004


Absolute timepass movie.
Action flick, short, sweet and crisp. A lot for Indian directors (Kyon? Ho gaya Na) to learn from:)