Of sin counter resets, Hurricane remnants and Cop chases!

Over the last weekend, I drove to NJ, to a sister’s place. Reached there at 9:30 PM on friday, had a great dinner and slept. Next day – Ganeshji’s bday, my sin counter will be reset after God knows how many years. Seriously last time I went to temple (to see God I mean) or did some puja is like ages ago. Then went to my meet my niece at another sister’s place. Played for a while with her.

Changed oil in the car! Thanks jeeju for training me on that. The car now runs like a beauty:). At 10pm landed up at Vidita’s place. Decided to catch a movie – ‘Cellular’ – was fun and quick. Got out to realize that I had a really bad flat tire.

Asked a desi passer by for a lift. Got to Vidita’s place. It was toooo chilly to stand outside.

At 1am, we reached home and soon in a couple of minutes were joined by a special someone. Had dinner at 2am! And decided to head the Delaware Water Gap at 4am. Slept for a couple of hours, woke up the next day.

Went to the parking lot where I had left my car. Changed the tire, lucky me the spare one was the same size the original four tires. Headed for the Delaware water gap. On reaching that place, we realized the furry of the remanants of Hurricane Ivan. The river was overflowing and had washed out low lying areas.
We had lunch at some small place in Pennsylvania in the Poconos and headed to Jersey back. Stopped at a small apple farm and picked apples! 20 of them for just $6!!

ON the way back, we bumped into one Mr. Atul Maharshi who made an unforgiveable comment🙂

Started back for Massachusetts at around 9:30pm, just to get stuck in New York City traffic. Got out of that mess at 11pm. What scares me getting out of a traffic jam is the crazy driving all of us take part in with total disregard to speed limits (as if I ever did regard those limits). The cops had a field day. So when I saw two cop cars, one over taking me and the other far behind me, I chilled.
I was overtaking a 18-wheeler which was also overtaking another 18-wheeler.
Bechara koyi to cut me and by that time the cop far behind me was just behind me! I braked a little.

After all the gymnastics at the wheel ….. reached home at 1:30am and at work from morning 9am, wanting to go back home and catch some good sleep.

I wanna go home!

FYI to people in Boston area: Atul was telling me that there is a tribute to Pink Floyd Concert, Oct 16th – Providence. I cant make it, am headed to New Hampshire – if anyone interested get in touch with Atul!

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