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September 29, 2004

Rain – fun to drive in right?

Well not exactly if you are trying to overtake an 18-wheeler:)
Had a good time driving with less than 10 feet visibility and following two small/tiny invisible red lights to reach your destination. Take eyes off the wheels, off the road – hell you can see better. And that is heaven! Beautiful colours all along the road – all the trees are dying in this pouring rain, but well not dying – going to a long sleep – hibernation. They wont wake up till next spring.

Just beautiful sights!
And driving in such conditions, just all the more fun. Sure to scare the *&@! out of anyone sitting next to me in the car!

I want the rain to go away! I want to go and take some pictures. For once the leaves are gone….it is going to be sad to see just tree trunks till next spring. And spring is a good six months away!