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October 30, 2004

Moving target

Looked at a star, made it my goal to achieve, reached there and found it was an aeroplane

October 29, 2004

And thus history is made

And India lost to Australia…

October 28, 2004

The end of an Era?

Of course for Boston yeah. Bostonites have joined ranks with a bunch of other cities who have won the Baseball series more than once. What do I have to look forward next year?

Why I take interest in Indian cricket especially during world cup is …. well once it had happened …. when I was a kid, barely remember anything. But the ups and downs, the adrenaline rushes and the excitement is there for every WC match. If India looses, I have the next WC to look forward to. If India wins, that is it – I will loose interest in cricket!

Well Red Sox fans thought they were cursed. They had an excuse. What do we have, the Indian cricket fans? Nothing. Neither the world cup nor a worthy curse to excuse ourselves?

But – you have to give it to the Red Sox this year. In any game, in a 7 mathc series you are down 0-3 and come back to take that series 4-3 is a daunting task. And the team that did exactly that – Red Sox are worthy!

For the New Englanders, they have a team that wins in once every century!

October 26, 2004

Post lunch coma

Lunch being the heaviest meal in the day …. sleep after that is inevitable.
Man it is so good to have a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD lunch and sleep – easiet way to gain weight I guess:)

Now that I am here and am supposed to act working …. and no meetings to attend ….. how do I sleep?

Pretty day for a chilly autumn this year……took a walk, still feeling sleepy. Actually more sleepy now………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

October 20, 2004

Reverse the curse!

In a place where Baseball is religion, I can understand passions for the game as my religion like most Indians is Cricket. And the rivalry of Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees has been fun.

After one player was traded to the NYY by Boston in 1918, they never won a championship. Boston last won the championship in 1918 – and that is the curse.
New Englanders go to crazy limits to “reverse” the curse! And this pushes the cost of the tickets during playoff …. just north – people paid as much as $6000 to get into the stadium. After Boston lost first three games, people sold those tickets for a bottle of beer – and by yesterday Boston tied the series 3-3 with NYY. Tonight is the final game – and tickets are again upnorth.

What a wonderful script?
And trust the crowd to be unruly – as in the sub continent! Pelting bottles for foul calls….Actually what caught my attention to baseball was the crowd. The crowd in Boston, the crowd in New York. And the whole of Boston praying – “reverse the curse” and “why not us“!

All the best, Red Sox – lots of records broken, more to be broken!

October 13, 2004

My vote…

Interesting – India – where I have a right to vote, US – where I stay, are up for elections. In India the elections are over – but the Govt refused me the right to cast my vote as I am not ‘resident’ in India. In the US, I am a ‘non-resident alien’ though I have been residing here for more than four years! For the good part of four years, during tax times I did wonder – if India calls me non-resident and the US calls me non-resident, where the hell am I?

Both are democracies, both laws affect me, but I dont have a franchise to excercise!

October 11, 2004

Black and White or total grey area?

Many things in life are not black and white.
I am talking about things we decide at a personal level. We do choose a bit of our convenince in making the choices we make. We do give a little more leeway for things personal but would like others to be tougher, telling them that I would do so if I were you.

The good from the bad thus is not an abrupt change but a big grey area, because it changes from person to person and in fact changes from the point of view. The complicated statement above means, what I think is good or bad is different for me and for any other you. And this is what many call hypocrisy –
the grey area. The grey is far bigger than the black and white put together.

Isnt it easier for all of us to understand that this area can be as big as possible or as small as possible (it still cant be a line!) and everyone has his own choice of the size of this?! Obviously as a recursive loop, my hypocrisy is smaller than yours:) Has this defeated the purpose of the post?

No – the last line will – at least I realize I am a hypocrite, what about you?

October 7, 2004


Overheard in the hallway, “Loco-motivation won before our first year” – and you bet, my head turned!

After all, nostalgia is not what it used to bešŸ™‚