Going organic?

So I bought some ‘organic’ eggs. Now God knows who gave that label….but ideally if they were organic …. 23 days later I should have an ‘organic’ chicken.
Guess what? No chicken. Egg was still an egg. So what kind of natural intervention stopped the egg from hatching?

8 Comments to “Going organic?”

  1. I am hoping you threw the egg and didnt eat it.

    23 days is a LONG time in egg years !!

  2. The natural intervention was *YOU*. Maybe if you had sat on it and given the the heat it required, someone would be calling you ‘mama’ by now.

  3. Are you guys for real ??? Organic or not …. these eggs cant give rise to chickens … or did not not know that already …

    fertilization ??? ever heard of this one ??

  4. Prags, dil pe mat le.
    Kaafi timepass mood mein tha re!

  5. what about it !!?

  6. what about it !!?

  7. what about it !!?

  8. what about it !!?

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