Microsoft and search

And GODS made Google.
To tackle the menace of Microsoft. So Microsoft started a beta search site …

First thing: It was slower.
Curious enough I hit, “Near Me” option – hell it picked up stuff in Boston MA.
Well it is easy to locate probably from my IP where the hell in the world am I located….because last I remember, I never gave Microsoft where I stay.

And a few more searches – sorry this site is unavailable, come back later!
All the best, Microsoft, everyone is going to blast you with some searches:)

And heck they have sponsored links on the beta page itself. NO to microsoft, google is good enough for me.

Of course, I guess many people would have seen this . Pretty interesting!

One Comment to “Microsoft and search”

  1. You haven’t given your information does not mean they don’t have it…

    Scared already?

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