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November 22, 2004

My Life, My India and beyond

Many of us take enthusiasm in talking a lot about problems facing India. I feel it is good. Afterall a sizeable population of ours (come on, I have had this discussion with many if not all of my friends!) is concerned about India!

Then the question comes – what are you doing about it? Well to say the least, talking about it! Fair enough. Some people are those like the uncle in Hyderbad Blues – “I tell you, this country is going to the dogs”. Yeah right, as if that would scare me.

But many are more concerned about how things are being done in India. They know that things can be improved, they want a change! I have been volunteering time with an organization for nearly three years now and I think I am participating in some change in India. There are agreements and disagreements, views and ideas exchanged everywhere – but nothing beats the joy of contributing, rather sacrificing a small amount of what you make for a worthy cause. More about that in later posts, but look at the campaign we shaped … One For India!

Just ONE dollar a day: has built 20 watershed structures for soil conservation

Just ONE days salary a month: has supported a village school for 200 children for 6 months

Just ONE percent of salary per year: has supported an AIDS health care clinic for 3 months

Just ONE day of volunteering per week: has direct connection to development work in India

Pick up anyONE of the above or define your own ONE. Rest assured that I will see that it counts! Make your valuable contribution at

If you do send out ecards, enjoy the latest feaure on this site, using pictures from the 2005 calendars. You can try and send out ecards from

Remember everyONE!!