Season for non-violence

Intro here
64 days, 64 ways of non-violence – at least it is a start! The spirit and the ways should continue all through the year:)

And finally, what sparun has been doing about Season for Non-Violence. Well he is leading the efforts in JHU, addressing a very tough local problem. Read more here.

On popular demand, he has decided to highlight one way (out of the 64 ways of non-violence), daily.

Simply, being opposed to the very idea of non-vioence, is in itself a violent thought:) But why are the ways tough? Or am I making some of them more profound than they ought to be?

Today’s suggested way: GRATITUDE
Begin the day by listing 5 things for which you are grateful and end it by sharing with one person all of the good things that happened to you today.

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