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March 11, 2005


A buzz word everyone has an opinion about. We do. All of us do. We love – “India Superpower”. What it means? We dont have a clue. But we do have a direction. Each and every one in the billion+ population of ours has a direction for India.

Vision – to have a developed nation, sooner than later.
How? Simple – copycat – US is developed because it did 1, 2, 3. ^C and ^V India is developed! Wow! What a visionary?

Many a times we swallow a bitter pill sugar coated with “India the superpower”. But well – development is not an easy goal or a task.

In fact I dont think there is a consensus of what a develped country is. Indian Express is running a timepass section called “India Vs America: Let the battle begin!”. Nice to see people think about development. But too many brains – some on cloud nine, some somewhere in Antartica.

I came across this in an online magazine called The South Asian. Since it was a multi-part series, I got bored.

In my life till now, I realized one basic thing – per capita income in itself doesnt tell anything about the general population but its distribution is more important to see if a country is developed or not. Yeah, it is a no-brainer – but make careful arguements around that, please!

Do put down your thoughts. I need to understand as many aspects of development as possible.