A buzz word everyone has an opinion about. We do. All of us do. We love – “India Superpower”. What it means? We dont have a clue. But we do have a direction. Each and every one in the billion+ population of ours has a direction for India.

Vision – to have a developed nation, sooner than later.
How? Simple – copycat – US is developed because it did 1, 2, 3. ^C and ^V India is developed! Wow! What a visionary?

Many a times we swallow a bitter pill sugar coated with “India the superpower”. But well – development is not an easy goal or a task.

In fact I dont think there is a consensus of what a develped country is. Indian Express is running a timepass section called “India Vs America: Let the battle begin!”. Nice to see people think about development. But too many brains – some on cloud nine, some somewhere in Antartica.

I came across this in an online magazine called The South Asian. Since it was a multi-part series, I got bored.

In my life till now, I realized one basic thing – per capita income in itself doesnt tell anything about the general population but its distribution is more important to see if a country is developed or not. Yeah, it is a no-brainer – but make careful arguements around that, please!

Do put down your thoughts. I need to understand as many aspects of development as possible.

3 Comments to “Development!”

  1. Defining a “developed nation” is a little like defining a “successful person.” How do you do that? You cannot create templates and try to fit every nation into. The solution is extremely personal, if you ask me. And the personal solution is very much a function of your history and geography and demography and philosophy.

    I think the measure for India, really, should be self confidence. Self confidence, as opposed to arrogance; a nation of Ashok Singhals is not my idea of developed. My idea of Indian development is a summation of the diverse sets within India being self confident individually.

    Where does self confidence arise? When you have access to basic necessities and when you are free to express your individuality and accept another’s at the same time. Also when you know that your collective voice will be heard in relevant matters.

    Let me remind you again, do not try to fit this template into any other nation and identify how developed it is. Try to fit this template into the India of the last 50 years and judge for yourself. Going by the action in the last decade or so, I would say we are very much on our way to being a developed nation. Self confidence clearly has improved in our country.

  2. Ralli,

    Nice definition. Agreed post-liberalization – at least the middle class is self-confident. Who cares if we lost more jobs and pushed more people into poverty:) in rural India.

    Agreed, the 50 years havent been spectacular either. I am surely glad we didnt end up like Pakistan.

    But in your definition, what are the opinions about a vision – “Vision 2020”. A vision bought from a MNC for developing a part of India. No guesses, it was AP.


  3. ask laloo abt devt!!!!!!!!!!!!!u’ll be enlightened!!!!!!!!!!

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