Best SE Asian/Indian Photoblog

Well I did nominate this blog – ended up in the top five:)
Now vote at photobloggies for Zishaan’s photoblog . Amazing photos from all over India! Have enjoyed most of them, and hope to see more. He is competing in the Best South East Asian or Indian Photoblog category up there. And it is listed as

Hint: Use multiple email IDs, if you love the photoblog:)

4 Comments to “Best SE Asian/Indian Photoblog”

  1. Hey, thanks Raju dada.

    Btw, I have broken my head over MT a couple of times. But could never install it successfully 😦

  2. Raju,
    i referenced your post for zishaan! thanks man. awesome blog he has! 🙂

  3. Zishaan: hey I love the photoblog:)
    Piper: Dude, nice collection of pics this guy has got. Saw your blog too. Happy holi!

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