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March 26, 2005

The mad ad world!

Have been watching some cricket. Since the telecast is by DD, you get to see all the Indian commercials as opposed to localized US commercials. Of course, I have been watching the commercials rather than cricket – one out of interest and two because I am forced to. Every two minutes there is a five minute commercial break!

Comparing the variety of ads on US tv and Indian tv talks a lot about the ‘market’. Obviously why would anyone waste money if there was no money in return!

US ads: Mainly automotive and pharma (pharma ads scare me a lot though, oh man I might have this illness too, and side effects in extreme cases always cause death!) and cell phones.

Indian ads: Detergents (new one, save two buckets of water every day for India!), Pepsi (well of course in the US you dont need a pepsi or a coke ad as you dont drink water, you just drink the cola which the chain/franchise gives with your food), automotive (bikes – toooo many of them – both variety and ads; cars – few of them, not as many as the bikes), cell phones.

Of course many may argue that just watching two days of cricket, sorry Indian commercials with cricket breaks I cant talk much about India or Indian ads. True, cant deny that. But there was always this ‘fantasy’ Indian ads and that feeling that ads in India were better. Fantasy because now all of this is in history and I am extrapolating it to the present. In that sense, ads are degrading.

Consider the BSNL ad: starts with an umbical cord, kid-mom interaction (infant, toddler, teen, grown up – with of course shades of grey on the mom going thicker and thicker) and finally a phone call between mom and kid thanks to BSNL. WHAT in hell had the umblical cord to do with a phone line??
Of course, in competition for that is the pepsi “Hey Bubbly” ads with Shah Rukh Khan.

Speaking of interesting ads; this one gets me a thousand laughs all the time – the SPDR ad. You can find a link to watch the ad here. The scale ad gives me kicks, probably a reminder for me to loose some weight!