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April 26, 2005

God or otherwise!

If believing in God is all about belief – a blind faith, isnt being an atheist equally powerful? A strong disbelief in the existence of God. This disbelief is as ‘big’ as belief.

April 25, 2005

Forgot something today?

Guess today is marriage anniversary of Raj and Unni. Dont remember how many years they have been married and frankly none of them matters. In any case, happy anniversary both of you!

April 18, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

Well not a timepass movie, makes you sick that we were alive during the genocide in Rwanda and did nothing about it. Of course, we do nothing about it in Drafur or any other part of the world. Yeah, media doesnt cover unless they have interests. Who worried if the Hutus killed the Tutsis!

April 13, 2005

Some marriages are…

Some marriages are made in heaven — but so are thunder and lightning.

Thanks fortune! Always wonderful!

April 13, 2005


Hiesenberg may have been here.

April 11, 2005

Movies etc

Havent watched a movie for a long long long time. Well never felt I missed anything, but hey that had been a ritual for ages.

My house broke up, couple of people graduated, one went back to India to work with GM, the other to work with National Cancer Institute. An eerie silence all over the house – the Gubro place or the Hyderabad stadium.

The IL-“LEGALS”, as the combined lot of 12 or more people used to call ourselves, fun days are over. Well officially only 5 were residents, the rest were all co-passengers who spent considerable time at 120 Westway Apt 201 in MD!

But yes – movies! Suggestions wanted. Hindi/English/Telugu, anything.

April 9, 2005

All the best!

Ladies: Do something the gents couldnt two years back:)
Win the world cup!

ICC Women’s World Cup – Final India Vs Australia 10th April 2005

April 7, 2005

A new chapter

Not so silently, a new chapter was written in Kashmir. The bus rolled, the people moved across the LoC. Hats off to the people on the first bus; I am sure it will bring peace and prosperity to the region!

I am told, I am too much of an optimist when I say that peace can uproot violence. But well, I hope to see one day – Pakistan and India reject the US offer of F-16s and other war machinery, from any other nations also – just because the people in both countries have confidence in each other. Surely none of these countries have a stake in getting peace in the region; they will be happy as long as hostilities continue, they get money! Yada yada about Pakistan is not the target for India to build military might etc; we are nowhere close to China either and that would require more than 50% of our population below poverty line.

Anyway, the discussions can go on. But kudos to the passengers who braved the terrorist threats and crossed the LoC! I wish I could be on one of the buses sometime!