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April 7, 2005

A new chapter

Not so silently, a new chapter was written in Kashmir. The bus rolled, the people moved across the LoC. Hats off to the people on the first bus; I am sure it will bring peace and prosperity to the region!

I am told, I am too much of an optimist when I say that peace can uproot violence. But well, I hope to see one day – Pakistan and India reject the US offer of F-16s and other war machinery, from any other nations also – just because the people in both countries have confidence in each other. Surely none of these countries have a stake in getting peace in the region; they will be happy as long as hostilities continue, they get money! Yada yada about Pakistan is not the target for India to build military might etc; we are nowhere close to China either and that would require more than 50% of our population below poverty line.

Anyway, the discussions can go on. But kudos to the passengers who braved the terrorist threats and crossed the LoC! I wish I could be on one of the buses sometime!