A new chapter

Not so silently, a new chapter was written in Kashmir. The bus rolled, the people moved across the LoC. Hats off to the people on the first bus; I am sure it will bring peace and prosperity to the region!

I am told, I am too much of an optimist when I say that peace can uproot violence. But well, I hope to see one day – Pakistan and India reject the US offer of F-16s and other war machinery, from any other nations also – just because the people in both countries have confidence in each other. Surely none of these countries have a stake in getting peace in the region; they will be happy as long as hostilities continue, they get money! Yada yada about Pakistan is not the target for India to build military might etc; we are nowhere close to China either and that would require more than 50% of our population below poverty line.

Anyway, the discussions can go on. But kudos to the passengers who braved the terrorist threats and crossed the LoC! I wish I could be on one of the buses sometime!

5 Comments to “A new chapter”

  1. Didn’t we have such a bus before? I think we even had a war after that! Maybe this is different… but I am not so sure.

  2. JB:

    Yes there is another service between Lahore and Delhi. The following makes this ‘location’ somewhat unique:

    One: Kashmir is/was the flashpoint for all wars between India and Pakistan.

    Two: The kashmiris on either side of the border have bigger things at stake than rest of India or Pakistan. They can meet their families and also trade might pick up. The economics of the region itself might go against violence or funding violence.

    Surely this is not an end to all troubles, but it is a nice begining.

    What went wrong with the last bus? Lahore – Delhi bus: well nothing. It was not the flashpoint. The war started and ended in Kashmir.


  3. I remember the Delhi-Lahore bus got the same attention etc as this one… but I do hope this one will actually achieve something major.

  4. Hey JB:
    True – most if not all of us hope for it.
    But have to give it to the people on the first bus to face the terror threats but still go ahead with boarding the bus. That is courage.

    Probably not as big as the unknown rebel , but it is courage nevertheless. Especially after the attack on the tourist center, etc. For all that surely proves the locals – the Kashmiris have a bigger stake in keeping the bus running!


  5. >> I wish I could be on one of the buses sometime!

    ya.. go to Pakistan.

    and make sure u get on *only one* of those buses. šŸ˜›

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