Hotel Rwanda

Well not a timepass movie, makes you sick that we were alive during the genocide in Rwanda and did nothing about it. Of course, we do nothing about it in Drafur or any other part of the world. Yeah, media doesnt cover unless they have interests. Who worried if the Hutus killed the Tutsis!

3 Comments to “Hotel Rwanda”

  1. Coincidence? I watched this movie last night.

    Can you think of _any_ good reason for UN/anyone else not to intervene? Did they think: Civil War, nothing we can/should do? Based on what they showed in the movie, I don’t think this can be considered civil war.

    OR was it too late by the time people realised what was going on?

  2. Well to a certain extent, the UN cant and wont do much anyway – it is a democratic body of nations, and nations wont be interested if they dont have stakes involved. And of course US and UK did veto a security council resolution – at least that is what is mentioned in the movie. Watch “No man’s land” – this one won an oscar opposite Lagaan. Same story, UN is helpless.

  3. If UN is helpless, what is it’s use? What peace is it maintaining? Or is it supposed to be maintaining peace only where the top 5 countries are interested… weird, calling it ‘united nations’ when only few countries have a right to veto etc. btw, what veto was mentioned in the movie?

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