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May 30, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle!

Summer has started – officially, in the US. Ended up going on two day hikes.
One in Catoctin National Forests, MD and another in Shenandoah National Park, VA.
Bought an annual pass for all the national forests. So plans to continue and hike as many trails as possible.

Catoctin is an interesting place. The ground was damp (of course it had rained while hiking too), but there is not much undergrowth. The trees dont allow the sunlight to reach the ground. So it is different from Shenandoah.

Shenandoah could be a big pain. Most of the hikes, you go down to the waterfalls or something and hike up back. My initial energy is for some action and downhill the action is just flow with where your body is taking you. And once that energy dies out, it is a tough task to get up! Though the one I did yesterday was not one of the toughest, picture this – the parking lot for Old Rag Mtn (3200 ft) is at 3600ft.

India’s population is amazing. For a second I could have taken some pictures and convinced a lot of people that I have been to Mahableshwar where we were lucky to have some pictures of some foreign tourists! I was also part of the so many Indians in the forests yesterday in Shenandoah. It was just amazing and amusing! Nevertheless – summer has just begun. Weekends means workouts in the outdoors!

May 11, 2005

How come Indian life is so cheap?

Please read, sign and forward

Many people tell me, if we hadnt let it happen, it wouldnt have happened. Probably true. True that our governments also erred. That doesnt give Dow the right to get away with the disaster.

May 8, 2005

Money talks,

mine always says goodbye:(