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June 28, 2005

Come long weekend…

And yet another long drive to Mt. Rogers VA. Will be parking in Grayson State Park, VA and hiking around.

Continuing the weekend forest life which has been affected by committments to community service, ended up under a small, cold waterfall last sunday. Nothing more enjoyable than that!

As an aside to JB: How I dont see you in the jungle?
I have met some small snakes, some deers but not you. Do you live in the jungle?

June 21, 2005


Research is the best place to be: you work your buns off, and if it works you’re a hero; if it doesn’t, well — nobody else has done it yet either,
so you’re still a valiant nerd.

Thanks fortune! Funny and insightful always!

June 18, 2005


Simple living is so complicated!