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July 28, 2005

MSN and Google on earth!

Well I dont know the history. I knew a company called Keyhole existed and Google bought it over. And a product called Google Earth was launched. Meanwhile Microsoft launched Virtual Earth.

As of now, Microsoft’s piece locates stuff only in the US. Google’s application (well it has to be downloaded to begin with) at least identifies some cities across the world. Though the satellite image for that place need not be accurate – it covers the entire earth.

A word about MSN Virtual Earth – the URL for a particular map is somewhat like a tinyurl but still it doesnt fit on a single line in an email. The resolution in MSN seems to be much better, google seems to have reserved it for premium users. Looks like MS wants to stay ahead in the game and pump in a lot of money!

July 22, 2005

Short term memory!

Anybody face this problem?

Any email or phone call unanswered in two days is lost forever. Yeah, I can dig in the email or the voicemail but essentially slips out of the to do list.

Well the good part about the email is – at least it sits there somewhere and you can dig it out. What about phone conversations? Out of mind, out – that is it!

I would like to blame it on the number of phone calls or on the number of emails I get! The phenomenon of forgeting what was in the email less than two days back and not responding – is what I term, email invariance!

Anybody who has this problem?

July 18, 2005

Happy budday bro!

Just back from brother’s place. In the last ten+ years, I havent been with him on his birthday. Well didnt know his likes/dislikes either!

Cake in safeway – $x
But guess being there with him on his birthday – priceless!

Ravi: Have a wonderful life ahead, enjoy full steam and go as high as you can, wherever you want to, in the career you choose to. Enjoy! and Happy birthday!

July 11, 2005

Contemplative mood

Differences between pleasures and happiness!
You know pleasure dont last for more than they are, happiness does last a lot longer…of course!

But pleasures are easy and happiness seems to require some type of sacrifice. Of course totally the eye with which you look at it!

Guess the answer is clear.

July 10, 2005


General heading to cover a lot of topics!

Spent a good one hour on phone with Ralli! Man it was awesome talking to you as ever – a decade of knowing you!

Now this is the place I come from – Hyderabad. Didnt know one of the most lucrative jobs is BEGGING!! Hyderabad Beggars make Rs. 15 crore pa!

Congrats Pushkar and Sangi – Engagement Pictures

July 6, 2005

Long weekend fun

Made it to Grayson Highlands State Park, VA. Reaching there was a journey unbeatable. Thanks to MapQuest and its shortest distance or fastest calculations – we went on mud roads – trust me some of those roads were worst than Indian roads. It is a surprise they exist and mapquest actually picked them up! Mapquest results were 369 Miles, 6.5 hrs. Yahoo maps had given 374 miles, 8 hrs. Google refused to map it to the place!

Reached there on saturday early morning. Saturday was four short hikes totaling about 7 or 8 miles. Night was fun at the camp site. Ran into trouble with others also as this was a “family” campsite. As has become the norm, bathed in a waterfall. Aha refreshing!

Sunday was a rainy day, hence a rainy hike. We reached Mt. Rogers – the highest point in Virginia and were searching around for the peak. The hike was 4.5 miles and we had done it in under two hours. A good climb of more than 1500 feet – and everyone of us made it up there. An elderly gentleman pointed out that the marker we were looking for saying Mt. Rogers was at the same place where we spent 10 mins looking for it, just below our feet!

Totally soaked for the good part of the hike – we didnt feel tired. Monday was travel back to the city. A good 8 hr drive and a hearty heavy lunch. Driving via Virginia Tech, a beautiful place in the middle of the mountains – was peaceful.

All along, I had left my cell phone home. For two and half days, no cell phone, no email – just couldnt have asked for more!

Height of Mt. Rogers: 5729 Feet.
If headed there – it is a moderate hike, can be done in 5 hrs easily.
You are warned of extreme weather changes on the mountain, when you enter the trail. Had experienced that – within minutes/in fact seconds we had a lot of fog and rain. We could hear each other talk but visibility had come down drastically to less than 10 feet. Do be prepared! As for me, I did the trek in a t-shirt and shorts. The rain was not too cold!