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August 30, 2005

A path to the heart!

To his heart:
Through the stomach, where else?

To her heart:
Try vimukti jewelry!

August 23, 2005

Hand of God

The ‘Hand of God’ and the ‘goal of the century’ were scored by the same person, in the same match, in a FIFA world Cup – nearly a decade ago. I heard of that, a lot of times. I didnt watch that world cup, since I didnt have a TV – and also because I never knew much about FIFA too. We did buy a TV for the Cricket World Cup of 1987.

Not a major fan of football that I follow it religiously, I was looking around for more about that match of June 22nd, 1986. And bingo! The whole match is online! Enjoy….especially the second goal of Argentina against England! Some great football:)

August 21, 2005


I have come to an understanding that I dont understand anything. Well one might question if I understand that completely….but I dont know nor would I like to discuss that.

Now the interesting part is how did I come to such a decision? That is exactly what I dont understand.

It becomes interesting if I stick to this. At the begining of a conversation, I dont understand anything anyway, and even at the very end I dont understand anything – now that is rude to whoever has been having the conversation with me, but hey, I dont understand – anything.

August 18, 2005

Absent minded fool – the Junglee Bunder!

Happy birthday JB! You forgot your own birthday. Yeah, today is Aug 18th and some years back you were born.

So I had a question, do monkeys also count years like humans or they have something called ‘monkey years’:)

Also congrats to my wonderful sister on getting engaged!

August 10, 2005

My foot!

Yeah exactly….my left foot!
It says it wants to hurt. Of course it is punishing me for wearing some ugly shoes and running 4 miles. Got to take care of it!

August 9, 2005

Longing to post, but nothing to write!

Well nothing new with this one:)

Many a times you want to be alone, when you are in a huge group!
And many a times, you realize you cant be alone….you want to hang out with friends. Seriously nobody hangs out at 6am!

But when you have a bunch of friends training for marathons, they do start running that early. So I utilized my bike…..biking with them for 15 miles. No kidding they ran 16 miles and plan to run another 17 or so this weekend! Of course they are training to run 26.2 miles. I am having fun…..nice trails, just bike around.

In life, priorities have been set. They have been long set….only some action is catching up:) More action is needed! Sultry weather doesnt help much, I guess.
Phone calls have gone down….back to a healthy life. My brain doesnt seem to b frying that much these days:) Can be awake and not check email for a long time too – thanks to the bike! Wow, even I cant believe it:)!!!

August 1, 2005

Bought a bike!

No no no, I am not trying to be Lance Armstrong. That guy is nuts, 7 time Tour de France champ, phew! he should be bored of France:)

Well I did buy a bike to ride around, to do some trails – yeah it is not a stat bike. Oh man o man, long time I rode one! Well my friend KP is a big biking enthusiast. He has been doing biking trails from WABA.
So why not? Bike around!

So my car got two feet of protusion at its back to lug the bike around. 21 gear bike, a 3 mile ride yesterday was fun. Why do you need 21 gears? Surely not for small trails…..but probably for longer ones.

So 50 miles on Sep 4th – is that the target? What the heck, let us do it!