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August 1, 2005

Bought a bike!

No no no, I am not trying to be Lance Armstrong. That guy is nuts, 7 time Tour de France champ, phew! he should be bored of France:)

Well I did buy a bike to ride around, to do some trails – yeah it is not a stat bike. Oh man o man, long time I rode one! Well my friend KP is a big biking enthusiast. He has been doing biking trails from WABA.
So why not? Bike around!

So my car got two feet of protusion at its back to lug the bike around. 21 gear bike, a 3 mile ride yesterday was fun. Why do you need 21 gears? Surely not for small trails…..but probably for longer ones.

So 50 miles on Sep 4th – is that the target? What the heck, let us do it!