Hand of God

The ‘Hand of God’ and the ‘goal of the century’ were scored by the same person, in the same match, in a FIFA world Cup – nearly a decade ago. I heard of that, a lot of times. I didnt watch that world cup, since I didnt have a TV – and also because I never knew much about FIFA too. We did buy a TV for the Cricket World Cup of 1987.

Not a major fan of football that I follow it religiously, I was looking around for more about that match of June 22nd, 1986. And bingo! The whole match is online! Enjoy….especially the second goal of Argentina against England! Some great football:)

4 Comments to “Hand of God”

  1. I used to be a major fan of football when i was in India. now i am fan of american football.
    any way i will watch that game….how did you find it?????

  2. Hey Maadhaavi,
    well never used google image or video search. Just used google and chased down a couple of links…good old net surfing…and bingo!

  3. Hello Raju,

    Yeah i like google too for search.
    Your blogs are very funny. your topic on Understanding… is really nice. I was laughing after i read your topic.


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