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September 27, 2005

Need or greed?

There is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.

Heard this a lot of times, thought makes sense. Well it does, at least at some level.
So, I took a step back and questioned myself if everything I want was need or greed. My love for technology
might seem like I am greedy….but well I cant deny, I am on that one.

But then the rest of the stuff? Greedy on one count is plain greedy! But hey, need to have some life:)

So, rest of the stuff? How do you define greed? It is probably easy to identify the needs….hmmm in summer, one requires AC (or really?), need shoes and clothes and food. Car – well, I was forced out of need, given a chance I wouldnt have bought one.

Shoes and clothing – required. But I guess need and greed is the line between how many?
Food – existence, right? How much?
Car – well excused myself as need, but the way I drive it around….hmmm.

Even identifying the needs is turning out to be tough – because I guess I can dig out some greed even the basic bare necessities – food, shelter and clothing. I will skip the rest of the stuff and try to use things as much as I need. Electricity, water, gas, internet… that is too much.

September 18, 2005

River lynx

Read somewhere: The river interlinking project in India is projected to cost Rs.5,60,000 crores. Yes, Rs. 5 lakh-60 thousand crores!

I will simply restate the Rajiv Gandhi Principle — the former Congress prime minister admitted that only 15 paise of every rupee aimed at development actually reaches the intended target.

So why do many people like me like this interlinking project? I am not sure if India has been less corrupt in the past 20 years. Guess the above two are enough for me to make my mind against this project – forget the tougher, but essential questions.

So why is this project, the way to go for India?

September 9, 2005

Better next?

Mapping engines have been great! Mapquest, Yahoo maps, the latest Google Maps. One good thing about Yahoo is it gives uptodate traffic information. And google earth or virtual earth from MSN are also wonderful tools to navigate – or are they? If I am on the road, how the hell do I know, how that place looks from an aerial view? Why would I care? Of course, these are not for navigation.

Guess hence Amazon (had seen a news item sometime back) is taking so many pictures of street blocks in various cities so that you can virtually navigate in a city! Now that is nice. Or probably google has them in their labs and Microsoft also has plans. And so does yahoo probably.

Anyway for runners, this is a cool tool! Enjoy!

September 3, 2005


Just ran about 9.5 miles….in about 2 hrs.
All I need is some food and sleep.

Food anywhere?

September 1, 2005

Color or colour?

Well if I thought the spellings are the only things different in American english….I am wrong. Is it counter-clockwise or anti-clockwise? After five years in this country, I dont know which one to use?!

Language for me defied logic always. Especially English – the most non-phonetic language I know. I do make a lot of fun of it….the to, do and go.

I always wondered the difference between flammable and inflammable substances. Fine they mean the same – I thought and apparently it is the same. My confusion was compounded when I saw a liquid nitrogen tank labeled – non-inflammable?! Is it me or just American English vs UK English?!

Some people insist that flammable is combustive and inflammable is explosive. So what does non-inflammable in this case mean? Well it might not explode but still burn me?