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September 1, 2005

Color or colour?

Well if I thought the spellings are the only things different in American english….I am wrong. Is it counter-clockwise or anti-clockwise? After five years in this country, I dont know which one to use?!

Language for me defied logic always. Especially English – the most non-phonetic language I know. I do make a lot of fun of it….the to, do and go.

I always wondered the difference between flammable and inflammable substances. Fine they mean the same – I thought and apparently it is the same. My confusion was compounded when I saw a liquid nitrogen tank labeled – non-inflammable?! Is it me or just American English vs UK English?!

Some people insist that flammable is combustive and inflammable is explosive. So what does non-inflammable in this case mean? Well it might not explode but still burn me?