Better next?

Mapping engines have been great! Mapquest, Yahoo maps, the latest Google Maps. One good thing about Yahoo is it gives uptodate traffic information. And google earth or virtual earth from MSN are also wonderful tools to navigate – or are they? If I am on the road, how the hell do I know, how that place looks from an aerial view? Why would I care? Of course, these are not for navigation.

Guess hence Amazon (had seen a news item sometime back) is taking so many pictures of street blocks in various cities so that you can virtually navigate in a city! Now that is nice. Or probably google has them in their labs and Microsoft also has plans. And so does yahoo probably.

Anyway for runners, this is a cool tool! Enjoy!

One Comment to “Better next?”

  1. The aerial view is essentially a map! If you can just label the streets, you have a colourful map.
    In fact, i would say that a map is just a sketch of the aerial view.

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