River lynx

Read somewhere: The river interlinking project in India is projected to cost Rs.5,60,000 crores. Yes, Rs. 5 lakh-60 thousand crores!

I will simply restate the Rajiv Gandhi Principle — the former Congress prime minister admitted that only 15 paise of every rupee aimed at development actually reaches the intended target.

So why do many people like me like this interlinking project? I am not sure if India has been less corrupt in the past 20 years. Guess the above two are enough for me to make my mind against this project – forget the tougher, but essential questions.

So why is this project, the way to go for India?

4 Comments to “River lynx”

  1. Boss! That is a lot of money!

  2. Oh my its lottttts of money.

  3. I can’t say that I like it (or that I dislike it), but there is something that appeals to me.

    I think it has got to with the apparant simplicity of the idea of taking water from a place that is flooding to a place which is pretty much dry.

    You can visualize the canals inter-linking the rivers and water flowing from one place to the other.

    Certainly gives beautiful mental pictures.

    But of course, that is not reason enough to spend so much money. One hopes that they have done their calculations right!!!

  4. Yeah.. a small portion of money invested in rain-water harvesting and other water techniques can fetch same results!

    It’s politicians who put this idea in a rosy manner in people’s mind. After all, why would not they want to get their share on this project???!

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