Need or greed?

There is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.

Heard this a lot of times, thought makes sense. Well it does, at least at some level.
So, I took a step back and questioned myself if everything I want was need or greed. My love for technology
might seem like I am greedy….but well I cant deny, I am on that one.

But then the rest of the stuff? Greedy on one count is plain greedy! But hey, need to have some life:)

So, rest of the stuff? How do you define greed? It is probably easy to identify the needs….hmmm in summer, one requires AC (or really?), need shoes and clothes and food. Car – well, I was forced out of need, given a chance I wouldnt have bought one.

Shoes and clothing – required. But I guess need and greed is the line between how many?
Food – existence, right? How much?
Car – well excused myself as need, but the way I drive it around….hmmm.

Even identifying the needs is turning out to be tough – because I guess I can dig out some greed even the basic bare necessities – food, shelter and clothing. I will skip the rest of the stuff and try to use things as much as I need. Electricity, water, gas, internet… that is too much.

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