Running – the talk and the walk

I started running as support to runners. Ended up dreaming about running a half-marathon and well it didnt materialize. I was late for the registrations!!!

And now, saturday last I managed to run 14.1 miles. Back in the role as support staff and being able to run 14.1 miles is an awesome feeling. Why would I run?
Simply because the five runners listed below are running to raise funds for AID is good enough to run? Well, yes it is. Afterall, running 26.2 miles is no joke. And just because it gives them a chance to raise money, they run – is a big motivation for me to support them while they run.

Please follow the links to their profiles and donate:
Brunda Kattekola
Gayatri Cuddalorepatta
Jayanarayanan Sitaraman
Prabhu Raman
Sandeep Gupta

Do donate to them and help them help India!

One Comment to “Running – the talk and the walk”

  1. great job done guys!!
    Raju i must say..14.1 miles..amazing achievement. keep it up.

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