And so I ran…

The 30th Marine Corp Marathon on Oct 30th 2005!
Yup, I ran 26.2 miles. So when I ran the 14.1miles, the last two miles I had walked – because I was left wondering why was I running?

Probably that was the mental block….but this time it was not the case. The cause was good enough for me to run the whole length. In the next few days, I will detail as much as I can …. about the whole marathon – the training, the friends I made and finally the run.

I didnt do extraordinarily well – I did 6hrs 8min and 59sec for 26.2 miles. That was a lot of running in the sun!

But of course there are some otherwise illegal but legal for the marathon which are fun to note!
1. Running on the wrong side of the road
2. Disregard the signals, including the stop signs!!!
3. Run on an interstate

What more? Marines handing out water, powerade and food while you are on the run!
Marathon trainnig is fun. Probably marathons are all fun. But surely the Marine Corp Marathon is different and more fun. Where do you have a para-jump of marines before the start or choppers overhead and well yeah – not the news choppers flying over in a marathon?

4 Comments to “And so I ran…”

  1. When will you post a pic of the medal you got? 26.2 miles.. boss soch ke hi thak raha hoon..

  2. JB:

    I sent you my pictures at jb @
    Lemme know if you didnt get them! I never put pictures on my site and now I am planning to make it an official policy that I wont have pictures online!


  3. What’s wrong with pictures? You have such a good camera…

  4. Yeah it was too heavy to carry for 26.2 miles;)

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