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November 4, 2005

The training program and the MCRC

My friends started the marathon training in May sometime. Every tuesday, thursday and saturday. So the funda was – you run the long runs on saturday and you should be running what you ran on tuesday + what you ran on thursday.
Tuesday and Thursday were special workout sessions – hill training, speed training, etc – all designed to build up stamina for longer runs. Since I was never a big fan of running, I never joined them.

In July end, there is a race called the ‘Railey’s rumble’ organized by Mont. County Running Club (MCRC). It is a half-marathon. I volunteered to drive my friends there and cheered them all the way from the start to the end. I had positioned myself at 4 mile marker which also doubled itself as a 9 mile marker. It was fun! I was amazed to see so many runners – running for fun, literally. And they were all running 13.1miles!

The following week, I went again as one of our partners had requested help for water support. I didnt mind, so I went. But what impressed me was the committment these folks had to come every saturday morning and run for so many miles! Effectively the weekend is gone – since they are running for the first time, and anything longer than 10 miles …. you get tired, that is the first time you are doing such a mileage. No doubt the committment of these runners inspired me to run….